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New Horizon College aims at creating holistic individuals and dwells on the belief of “healthy mind in a healthy body”. In the present world where geographical space becomes a limitation for young people to go out and play and where the young mind is confined to the spaces of the screens available on the electronic gadgets, New Horizon sparks the vigour of growing in an energetic and extremely vibrant life brought through various sports activities, excellent coaches and taking the young enthusiasts across the state to participate in sports.

Sports is an integral part of the curriculum at NHCK. We strongly believe that the co-existence of sound mind and sound body harmoniously constructs the strong individual who further builds up the strong pillars of a nation. Any individual, in any field of work can project a better personwho hosts a healthy mind in a healthy and a strong body.

Our students play different games at different levels. They represent their class, their college and their university. We have basketball, volleyball ground and shuttle badminton, we encourage students to take part in sports activities. Sports day will be organized every year and prizes will be distributed.Here at New Horizon, students will gain the required experience and exposure while playing in different grounds. Body is like a fort, sports keep the body strong and unyielding against all perils in life.

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Sports Mr.Girish N