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Irrespective of gender, caste, religion, the college offers meritorious scholarship to promising, worthy and talented students. This scholarship boosts the morale of the students to score well. It also assists them to get placed in reputed companies through campus placements. Scholarships are also provided to deserving meritorious students at the time of admission every year.

The outcome of scholarship initiative has instilled a strong sense of dedication to score 100/100 in various subjects. Winning an academic scholarship is a proof of excellence and hard work. It also reflects well on a resume for a good placement. Scholarships aid as a financial assistance for students from economically weaker section of the society. It also acts as a sign of welcoming students for admissions in pursuing higher education from diverse backgrounds. Merit scholarship awards received during academic tenure give a sense of accomplishment to the students to achieve their goals. Students who are awarded these scholarships prove their capability as intelligent and strong skilled students.

Conduction of regular seminar, conference and workshop for students & Faculty to strengthen Research culture in the Institution

IQAC encourages the faculty members and students to actively participate in research activities. Faculty members are granted OOD facility to attend the conference/ workshop conducted by other institutions and Motivates the faculty to publish research papers in UGC approved Journals. Regular workshop are conducted for students to guide them to prepare research papers and present them in conference within the institution and other Inter collegiate platforms Students are exposed to the different forums like seminars and conference in order to have an exchange of ideas which would contribute towards their self and institutional growth.



  • To familiarize the new appointed faculty members with the given environment.
  • To guide the faculty on the adaptability & practices of the institution.
  • To support the faculty for timely preparation & completion of the syllabus.


The mentee can approach the mentor during working hours to discuss matters relating to conduction of classes, maintenance of records and other relevant topics. The mentor guides the mentee about organisational policies in the college, rules and regulation practiced. The mentor maintains record of all discussions held during the semester and the mentee identifies the outcome of such discussion. A minimum of three meetings are held in a semester.


To familiarize the mentee with the organizational policy, customs and practices to work comfortably. Subject training and delivery methodologies are made aware as the mentor is from the same domain. It enables to save the adaptability time for the new faculty.



The College has the system of allotting a faculty member as the mentor for the students. Mentoring develops personal as well as professional relationship develops over an extended period. The mentor makes an effort to know and understand the goals and interest of every student and help in educational and personal growth of the student.


Every section has a class mentor who provides help to the students by guiding them in studies, career planning, setting goals etc. Mentor helps students feel comfortable approaching them and share their personal and psycho- social issues to make them feel more confident and composed. Guidance to parents and personalized counselling to the students are provided by the Mentor. Mentor -Mentee provisions are practiced on priority basis in the Institution. Mentoring records are maintained for each student which includes both personal and academic files.


Mentoring provides guidance and support to the students in their overall development. It helps the students to identify their weakness and convert it into their strength.


Industry relevant certifications/trainings are offered to the students through Global and Professional Streams


Alumni Association organizes exclusive Alumni Meet every year.

Network Linkages

The Network linkages intends to serve the growth of the students according to their respective needs, interest and objectives. We create bonds to solicit support and assist for purposeful activities likes Placement, sargam, Subject Materials, feedback from the students and parents. This established the link between students and college by working together to attain common objectives, undertake innovative practices and update students regarding breakthrough in different disciplines.

Networking with industrial experts, conducted national and international level webinar Classes for students to exchange industrial ideas and deliver quality education.

Networking with Media: Provides assistance to students and teachers. Students give feedback through edumerge, study circular is created for providing notes to the students over WhatsApp and college website.


New Horizon College kasturinagar is the Participating Institutes (PIs) under UBA and has adopted five villages for transformational change in rural development processes by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build the architecture of an Inclusive India


  • Clean, Green and Eco-friendly campus
  • Concession in Tuition Fee and Freeship in NHCK for children of NHCK staff
  • Higher Studies Leave Benefit for staff
  • Teachers are recognized for their services on the occasions of Teachers’ Day and Founders’ Day
  • International Women’s Day is celebrated promoting women empowerment
  • Increments in salary is provided when faculty members upgrade their qualification
  • Bonus is presented for all technical and non-teaching staff for Dussera festival
  • Gifts are presented to all staff members on the occasion of Diwali and Dussera
  • Staff members’ birthdays are celebrated with chocolates, cakes, gifts and cards.
  • Marriage gifts for employees and their children
  • Tie up with Hospitals to provide concessional medical facilities for staff members and students
  • Blood Donation Camps are organized regularly by the institute
  • Maternity Leave benefits as per NHC policy
  • Staff injured inside the campus will get the benefit of full medical expenses coverage along with leave facility
  • Insurance Coverage for technical and non-teaching staff
  • Medi-claim coverage for technical and non-teaching staff
  • ESI Coverage for all eligible employees
  • Free transport facility to all staff members
  • ‘Refresh & Come Alive’ a recreational program is organised regularly for staff members