Usha Armour – has made 4 Offers(B.Com,BBA & BCA), IProcess has made 13 Offers – B.Com – 11; BBA -1; BCA -1; – 2019 batch / HDFC has made 15 offers – B.Com – 13; BBA – 2; – 2019 batch, Hearty Congratulations to all the students
HeadTech Solutions has made 12 offers – ( BCA – 4, BBA – 2 & B.Com – 6 ) – 2019 batch / GapBridge has made 6 offers – ( BBA – 4 & B.Com – 2 ) – 2019 batch, Hearty congratulations to all.
AXA has made 14 offers – (BCA, BBA & B.Com) – 2019 batch / ICICI Prudential Life has made 5 offers – (B.Com) – 2019 batch, Hearty congratulations to all.
Mphasis has made 39 offers – BBA, B.Com & BBA – 2019 Batch, Hearty congratulations to all.
Oyespace has made 5 offers – ( BBA – 3, BCom – 2 ) – 2019 batch / Amazon has made 1 offer – (BBA) – 2019 Batch, Hearty congratulations to all.
TCS has made 13 offers – BBA – 5, B.Com – 8 – 2019 Batch, Hearty congratulations to all.
We are happy to inform that 4 students from the BCA – 2019 batch have been placed by Capgemini, Hearty congratulations to all.
We are happy to inform that 9 students from the BBA / BCom – 2019 batch have been placed by Capgemini, Hearty congratulations to all.
We are happy to inform that 14 students from the BBM / BCom – 2019 batch have been placed by Gallagher, Hearty congratulations to all
Glad to share that Wipro Technologies has recruited 14 BCA students from NHC-M and NHC-K Congratulations to all students.

About Us

New Horizon College, Kasturinagar, being one of the premier member in the family of New Horizon Educational Institutions, Bengaluru started its existence way back in the year 2009.Since then it has been striving hard to bring in the core values of teaching, learning and disseminating knowledge in the field of Higher Education and has been able to carve a niche in the field with several spectrum of activities for the welfare of every learner and the community of students.

New Horizon College being affiliated to University of Bangalore follows the curriculum prescribed by the University from time to time for the courses we offer and abide by the guidelines in imparting the subject knowledge for better scope and acceptance level from several players of the employment market.

We do not restrict ourselves to prescription provided by the University in terms of delivering the subjects knowledge but go beyond to express our concern, obligation and commitment to every student who joins our family to learn and enable every student to undergo further progress and be a dynamic personality in the overall scenario of their learning and in our teaching.

We prescribe varied and variants of learning in the background as supplements for the University syllabi and add value to the whole process of learning at the undergraduate level. These supplement learning enables every learner with the thirst for knowledge to synchronize their thoughts and ideas well with the course and curriculum they have opted to study and carve their career.

We encourage every student with us to mould selves in the right spirit of learning to gain knowledge, inculcate the practice of making learning a routine and as a part of everyday life, possess positive attitude and cultivate the culture of doing right things at the right time in the right spirit and in the right way.

As Horizonite we imbibe the values of core ethical, moral and simplified way of thinking to achieve big, while our process of learning both within and without the class room paves way for perfect blend of learning new vistas in theory as well practical, so that every gambit of information in terms of knowledge is envisaged. We believe in every individual being disciplined and committed along with their potentials to reach their zenith.





  • We being a community of Educators always try to imbibe the two way approach towards learning and teaching and forever believe that, learning never comes to an end beyond which there is no learning and is beyond ones imagination and dissemination of their understanding the truth behind self.
  • The first theory to successful living is to believe in oneself.
  • The Institution is a feather in the cap of New Horizon Educational Institutions, Bengaluru imparting education from KG to PG, Research to Entrepreneurship, which has persevered in the field since 1970.
  • The Institution is affiliated to Bangalore North University, under 2F of UGC Act,1956 one of the largest Universities in Asia and in the country. It is duly recognized by UGC; possessing its affiliations with various private entities to enable a more effective teaching and learning process of learners.
  • The Curriculum is provided with value addition in tune to the requirement which is necessary to keep pace with competitions and the changing environment.
  • Certification from competent agencies and Industry certified programmes are offered to the students of the Institution as a part of the learning programme to enable them for absolute competency in the job market.
  • Theoretical learning is coupled with practical based learning on the concepts already taught on a day to day basis with a wide variety of opportunities like Internship, on site Visits, Plant Visits, Industrial Visits, Vestibule Training and workshops.
  • Various opportunities are provided to students for community learning. Community services through NSS, Red Cross Society and Leo Club are rendered as a part of their learning process by visiting various need based Schools, Ashrams, Old Age Homes, Government / NGO schools / learning centre’s, health care and primary centers’ etc.,
  • Pre – Placement, Placement and Post Placement activities are offered to every Horizonite to ensure that they have not been denied the opportunity to present themselves as prospective candidate for the process of employment in an organization.
  • Every student is ensured that his / her character is built on the most crucial platforms of Dedication, Commitment, Sincerity, Truthfulness and Obedience.
  • We certainly believe and practice in providing Equal Opportunity and Equal Growth to every member of the Horizon family and always initiate the required atmosphere to work with.
  • We enable every student of New Horizon to attain personal growth and reach the pinnacle of his / her choice.
  • We enable every Horizonite to gain the edge over knowledge disseminated for the purpose of gaining employment as well as the skill set to lead a competitive life.
  • We pave the way for every student to be self disciplined, confident to face the challenges of the world with awareness and authenticity.
  • We endeavour to make every student understand the need to gain and command respect than to demand.
  • We bring in core and moral ethical values all the time and ensure that every student is aware of the country’s heritage and culture.
  • The faculty members form the major core of the New Horizon Family. They are drawn from talented, experienced and committed personnel.
  • One to one mentoring to enable students to learn academics apart from encouraging them to actively get involved with co – curricular, sports, unearthing talents etc.; formulate regular practice. In all this Parents form the core point of contact so that every student is enriched and well informed about the need of the hour and to meet the basic requirement of the aspiring parent.
  • We at New Horizon Family give free and fair opportunity for every student who needs to achieve in their own space and time. The paradigm shift in the process of teaching and learning is always supported with the use of technology at any given point of time.
  • Students are provided with the opportunity of being with experts both on and off the field of study. We have highly dedicated and student friendly experts who have excelled in their respective fields are on board with New Horizon Family to deliver lectures, interact with students and share their experiences on the field.
  • Workshops and industrial visits are an integral part of the learning programme for every student at New Horizon. We strongly believe that every individual who joins us, as a student emerges out of the campus as a learned young gentlemen and women for the society.
  • Practical exposure to student’s way of learning is added by way of training programmes organized by the Industry either at the campus or in the industry. This exposure helps the student to compare and contrast the realistic vision of the workings of the Industry when they are taught theoretically.
  • Students in tune to the requirement of their study, course and subjects are provided with exposure to real time projects both with and without the influence of technology. Research projects in social sciences, application software in computers, simple solution based project are all part of the learning process.
  • Industrial visits, plants visits, internships, industry based project work and value based assignments are other methodologies adopted at New Horizon teaching and learning to enable and make students industry friendly and compatible.
  • We prepare students who are quality conscious, dynamic and talented young adults for a stronger nation and to serve the Corporates with vision and mission.


Our Vision is to be recognized as an eminent and distinguished institution, imparting quality education and giving rise to future leaders.


Our mission is to create a learning environment to nurture intellect and creativity in order to encourage innovation and create leaders and trailblazers out of our students. Our teaching pedagogy aims to prepare our students for the vigorously competitive world and help them achieve excellence in their chosen path.


At New Horizon, we instill in our students the importance of perseverance, fortitude and righteousness, to achieve extraordinary success in life.

Our focus lies on inculcating in our students an appreciation and eagerness for learning as learning is not attained by chance, but it must be sought for with ardor and passion.
Above all, we aim to foster in our students, a desire to give back to our society and a will drive the nation forward.


To adhere the reputation of being able to channel our human resources and guide the transformation process of every individual’s dream into a reality.


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