Date Day Event
22/02/2016 Monday Commencement of B.Ed., I semester and orientation for the B.Ed., course
22/04/2016 Friday Observation of Earth day
23/04/2016 Saturday Blood donation camp
15/04/2016 Friday Observation of Science Day
18/04/2016 Monday Seminar presentation –HC-1
20/04/2016 Wednesday workshop on preparation of instructional Materials
29/04/2016 Friday Debate competition
04/05/2016 wednesday Seminar presentation –HC-2
13/05/2016 Friday Seminar presentation –HC-3
30/5/2016- 04/06/2016 Monday -Saturday  First official Test (I semester) 
07/06/2016 Tuesday Workshop on Expository Writing
08/06/2016 Wednesday Visit to Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath
13/06/2016 Monday Seminar Presentation-HC-4
14/06/2016 Tuesday Celebration of World environment day
16/06/2016 Thursday workshop on Neuro-developmental disabilities
23/06/2016 Thursday workshop on inclusive education
01/07/2016- o7/07/2016 Friday to Thursday Preparatory Examination
08/08/2016- 13/08/2016 Monday - Saturday Commencement of First Semester Examination
14/09/2016 Wednesday Re-opening of Second Semester
24/09/2016 Saturday Celebration of Teacher's day
22/10/2016 Saturday Music Competition
26/10/2016 to 27/10/2016 Wednesday to Thursday Work shop on teaching inspirational active chemisrty
28/10/2016 Friday National literacy day
02/11/2016 - 21/11/2016 Wednesday to Tuesday Pre-internship Program
25/11/2016 Friday Celebration of Kannada Rajyostava
02/12/2016 Friday Rangoli competition
03/12/2016 saturday Ethnic day
09/12/2016 to 10/12/2016 Friday to Saturday Inter Collegiate Cultural Fest
20/12/2016 to 23/12/2016 Tuesday to Friday First official Test
06/01/2017 Friday presentation of drama/dance/group song of EPC-4
12/01/2017 Thursday workshop on Art/Theater/drama by Dr. Anand B
18/01/2017 Wednesday students Participation in Rally of National Youth Week
20/01/2017 Friday celebration of National youth day
02/02/2017 Thursday workshop on TLM by Mr. Praveen s. & Mr. Anand Ram
06/02/2017 to 09/02/2017 Monday to Thursday Preparatory examination
10/02/2017 Friday workshop on resume writing , facing interviews and preparation for TET
17/02/2017 Friday last working day
08/03/2017 Wednesday Commencement of Bangalore university II sem B.Ed Examination